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Does the Q-FOG CRH meet JASO M609/M610?

Posted by Bill Tobin on Sep 8, 2020 4:26:20 PM

JASO M609/M610 CCT-I and CCT-II are cyclic corrosion tests that feature a fast transition between conditions. This fast transition requirement is designed to reduce variability between testers and laboratories. The primary difficulty in this test method is being able to meet the transition times when a tester is filled with metal specimens. Regardless, the Q-FOG CRH600-HSCR and Q-FOG CRH1100-HSCR are both capable of meeting the transition requirements of this test, even when fully loaded with test specimens. This makes it one of only chambers that can reliably meet these transition times with specimens in the chamber.


The Q-FOG CRH-HSCR is equipped with Rapid Ramp heaters that are capable of generating the heat necessary to perform the temperature transition, even with hundreds of steel specimens. When performing these tests, use the “Less Than” ramp to achieve the transition. This fast transition ensures the greatest possible repeatability and reproducibility when running these test methods, regardless of laboratory conditions or specimens used during testing.




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