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New Rapid Ramp Heater for Q-FOG Corrosion Test Chambers

Posted by Q-Lab Corporation on Feb 12, 2021 4:49:39 PM

We are excited to announce the launch of our new corrosion test chamber — the Q-FOG CRH with Rapid Ramp Heater capabilities (-HSCR model).

Q-FOG CRH cyclic corrosion chambers can perform traditional salt spray, Prohesion, and most cyclic automotive tests. They feature fully-adjustable relative humidity and precise control over ramp times. With new Rapid Ramp Heater capabilities, the Q-FOG CRH tester can now meet specialized test conditions that call for exceptionally fast temperature ramping. It can perform all tests from major international standards bodies and OEM's, including JASO M609, CCT-I, and CCT-IV, even with a fully-loaded chamber. The new Rapid Ramp Heater also allows for improved corrosion test process variable control.

For more information on Q-Lab's products and services, including the Q-FOG CRH with Rapid Ramp Heater capabilities,
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