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Q-SUN Xe-3-HS Xenon Test Chamber Approved to Run Joint Renault Nissan standard RNES-B-00088

Posted by Sean Fowler on Sep 16, 2020 10:42:30 AM

Q-Lab is happy to announce approval of the Q-SUN Xe-3-HS by Renault to perform testing according to the joint Renault Nissan standard RNES-B-00088.  After several years of collaboration, Renault officially approved the Q-SUN in 2019, and the updated test standard including a new Method IV for the Q-SUN was published this year. This method is technically equivalent to the D17 1911-E standard, which has been incorporated into RNES-B-00088.  


Q-Lab’s representative in France, Labomat, was a key partner in this collaboration. Throughout the process, Labomat provided excellent technical support and continues to provide timely service and expertise to Renault’s Technocentre at Guyancourt.

The collaboration continues, as Q-Lab, Renault, and Labomat work together to improve all aspects of the Renault weathering testing program.

Topics: Announcements, Q-SUN